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Characteristics of Gmail accounts.

Gmail has its own unique features, just like other email accounts. The features are that makes it different from other email services. Gmail is well known for its many users. Gmail was used by up to 900 users in May of the year 2015. Gmail accounts have the following features.
The first feature of Gmail is safety. Gmail established security measures to secure email users from threats. Gmail’s first security measure is the two-step verification process. Gmail sends to the user a code useable only once to verify his or her account upon signing into Gmail. Chances of thieves with someone’s password signing into accounts immorally are minimized by this. The security check up is another Gmail’s security feature. users can at any time review their account’s status through this feature. After running a check up, one is then required to edit their backup information. The needed recovery information include a security question, a phone number and also a backup email. One validates the tools that they use on Gmail, as well as getting chance to review apps that can access their information.

Another feature of Gmail is storage. Someone’s information is saved by Gmail. The drive is used to store someone’s photos, files and attachments. This service is charge free. Each account has a storage space of up to 15GB. The user can, however, buy more space from Gmail if the 15GB is not enough.

Using Gmail from any device is another feature of Gmail. Emails are not only limited to computers. A phone, tablet, a smart watch and a laptop can be used to access a Gmail account. To do this, only a Gmail app is needed.

The next Gmail’s feature is personalized themes. The user can customize his or her Gmail; background theme. One can access the themes from Gmail themes. One can also use their image in case they feel the need of a personalized touch.

Another unique feature of Gmail is it’s easy organization. Someone can use more than one theme to customize Gmail. to quickly access some emails, one can customize their accounts with labels. these labels could separate work, family and apartment emails. To controlling the inbox message flow, one can use filters.

Gmail at work is another feature. Companies use Gmail to link their addresses at the end of the email. It is also easy to access multiple Gmail accounts in order to enable the switching of accounts by users.
Hangouts are also another feature of Gmail. Through Hangouts, users can chat without the need to send an email.