Common Questions About Filing Auto Accident Claims

State laws apply to all automobile accidents and define how a personal injury claim is managed. These laws are related to the penalties for certain moving violations, insurance laws, and how these accidents are investigated. An attorney can provide answers to common questions related to Car wreck injury law.

Can More than One Driver be at Fault in an Accident?

Yes, it is possible for more than one driver to be deemed at fault in an automobile accident based on the total number of automobiles involved. For example, if another automobile crashed into another vehicle after the initial accident occurred, this could indicate a fault based on a failure to stop.

How Do Moving Violations Apply in These Cases?

Moving violations can identify an at-fault driver, and they can show exactly how the driver is at fault for the accident. Additionally, the moving violations could present a comparative fault ruling for a victim if they were guilty of a violation during the course of the accident. A DUI could also lead to more complex charges if the at-fault driver was guilty of this crime.

Does the Type of Vehicles Involved Require Additional Steps?

Yes, if a commercial truck was involved in the accident, it is necessary to conduct an investigation to pinpoint the exact cause of the accident. The findings determine if all federal laws were followed by the driver and if the trucking company monitored their drivers and driving logs. The findings of the investigation provide clarity about the accident.

When Should a Victim File a Claim?

An accident victim should file a legal claim after they discover that the at-fault driver’s insurance won’t provide adequate compensation. Typically, if the policy’s maximum exceeds the medical requirements of the victim, a legal claim is needed to ensure that the victim receives full payment for their expenses.

State laws can determine how long an accident victim has to file a legal claim, and each state has its own statute of limitations for these legal claims. Additionally, some states may restrict the victim’s ability to file this claim based on their injuries. Accident victims that need assistance contact an attorney right now.