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People have different ways of looking at leadership. Leadership is providing direction to people with the same aspirations as you. This type of leadership is no longer for the companies alone. The students should also be taught about leadership. Teachers and school administrators are integrating ways to use this type of leadership in their setting. The leaders always find ways to make the aims of a learning institution prosper. The schools role is to impart knowledge that will help sustain themselves in the outside world. The students need to be trained to be their bosses and learn to handle problems they encounter in school and other places.

Leaders look for means to change their view of things. leaders see things in the opposite way. This creates a new way of looking at their context. New insights will turn into new ways of doing things, which is needed to improve education and serve the need of the current century.

It is the role of the teachers and school administrators to ensure the school has a vision and a mission to be attained. The school should be run in a competitive manner. Good administrators need to look for strategies to differentiate from other many schools. For the school to remain unique, it has to retain its value.

The students training should be oriented to the current world situations. Technology is evolving rapidly. Young leaders should be ready to adjust. The students need to be prepared really well considering the highly competitive nature of the world economy.

The greatest leaders did not start out being who they become. The leaders persevered through hardships and conquered them to be who they are now. Creating leaders starts from scratch. They need to be encouraged, nurtured and their skills strengthened. It is vital to teach young students to be responsible and working to do things to the best of their capability.

Leadership skill are developed through participation in students organizations and activities. One can also join political groups and even run for political vacancies available.

There is so much to learn about leadership by volunteering in community work like fundraising, taking cares of the needy and other services. surrounding yourself with groups that share a common interest help in growing leadership skills because you involve yourself in professional meetings and activities. Reading extensively about people who are leaders can provide guidance and inspiration. More leadership knowledge can be gained from face-to-face interaction with the leaders that inspire you.

The education sector plays a major role in creating future leaders despite being given little financial attention. All schools should struggle to introduce leadership subjects into their syllabuses. This is possible through combined effort of teachers, students and school administrators. Transformational leadership will be successful if this is adopted.

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